Predictix: Changing the Retail Merchandising Game

Predictix: Changing the Retail Merchandising Game

Mohlam Aref, CEO, PredictixMohlam Aref, CEO
The retail merchandising industry is an ever-moving, ever-changing mechanism. Adaptation is the key, and with technological developments and rising consumer demands, it can be hard to keep up. That being said, these changes are not the only challenges troubling the retail merchandising industry. Analyzing huge amounts of data and making predictive analysis has been a predicament. There is a need of designing and building completely new, dominant business models which will make retailers gain unprecedented insights into their customers and users. Keeping this need in mind, Predictix offer assortments that drive higher sales and margins for the retailers. The firm’s solutions reflect the unique attributes of each type of business which are benefited from their cross-segment experience. The retailers also leverage from Predictix’s underlying advanced analytics, cloud-native design, and unparalleled forecasting capabilities to deliver high value.

For over more than two decades, Predictix has focused on building expertise in retail and analytical software. Developing predictive or prescriptive applications with traditional technology was quite a challenge while limited computing power and older tools forced trade-offs everywhere. The data assembled was less which meant fewer insights and silo processes which resulted in frustrating compromises for the retailers. This would produce solutions that fell far short of what was required. Predictix overcomes the limitations of these earlier technologies to help retailers stand out in an ever more competitive market. “We offer solutions that can analyze huge amounts of data, and deliver predictive analytics which is both flexible and affordable for the retailers,” says Mohlam Aref, CEO, Predictix.

Predictix Planning starts with standard configurations that provide a solid starting foundation. From there, the retailers can plan themselves by taking advantage of their unmatched configurability. The retailer’s planners form an integral, ongoing part of the solution design from day one, iterating with Predictix through their “Do-Learn- Do” process on the look and feel of their planning applications.

A first cut at the client’s planning processes comes to life to try out, critique, and build on. Given how quickly retail changes, and how often planners want to evolve their planning processes to keep up, Predictix’s clients find that their planning allows them to embrace planning as a continuous improvement process.

We offer solutions that can analyze huge amounts of data, and deliver predictive analytics which is both flexible and affordable for the retailers

The retailers build the assortments customers want, forecast and shape demand more precisely, and fulfill the promise of an omni-channel retail with cloud-native predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions from Predictix.

Another issue the retail merchandising industry has been dealing with is pricing. Retail is in the midst of a price transparency revolution similar to the one the travel and hospitality industries experienced a decade ago. Managing pricing across these channels which, even when priced the same yield different margins becomes an important profitability consideration. Predictix pricing solutions are tailor-made for these old and new challenges. Predictix provides up to 50 percent more accurate forecasts for the most challenging pricing situations, driving more predictable, profitable regular and promotional pricing decisions. Markdowns achieve up to 20 percent higher revenues than traditional solutions, with their unique network flow optimization approach and joint allocation/markdown optimization.

Russia’s largest electronics retailer, M.Video was benefited by employing software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings of Predictix. Predictix offered the best combination of assortment planning and forecasting capabilities which made the company achieve sales of $5.2 billion in 2012, an increase of nearly 20 percent year-over-year, with online sales growing by 56 percent.

Predictix in their road ahead would like to explore new and innovative ways to drive millions in value for the retail industry by applying the latest technology to long-standing retail challenges.