Browzwear: Envisioning Fashion 2020

Browzwear: Envisioning Fashion 2020

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Lena Lim, Chief Commercial Officer, BrowzwearLena Lim, Chief Commercial Officer
The fashion industry is going through a digital upheaval. Digitally native brands, as well as established players, are placing their bets on technology to redefine consumer experience and pave the way for sustainable fashion. Surprisingly, a trillion dollar fashion and apparel market is the second largest polluter after the oil and gas industry, making functional and sustainable fashion the need of the hour.

In such times, redefining fashion design, development, and merchandising is Browzwear with their state-of-the-art 3D solutions. “Our aim is to bring disruption but not for disruption's sake,” begins Lena Lim, chief commercial officer of Browzwear. Today, Browzwear brings a paradigm shift in the fashion industry through their simple yet profound objective. Instead of promoting the age-old tradition of "design, make, and sell" the company propagates “sell then make.” This not only helps reduce waste but also eliminates price markdowns and losses for the garments that don't sell.

From next-gen software that transforms 2D patterns into realistic 3D prototypes and 3D clothing design tools that help bring an unlimited range of colors, styles, and materials to life, Browzwear offers a gamut of options. It’s refreshing to know that unlike most 3D solutions in the market that are being repurposed from the animation world, Browzwear's 3D model is a patented, technology built specifically for the fashion industry. Moreover, the solution is designed to be user-friendly and their software runs on both PC and Mac.

Through their solutions, Browzwear helps envision a digital garment, and users can be rest assured that what they see on screen is exactly what comes out of a factory.
Lena calls it their "true-to-life" technology, which goes above and beyond hand-drawn sketches that are often hard to interpret and iterate. "Browzwear's technology is super innovative, allowing designers to achieve a clear idea of every fit, fabric, and silhouette. Think of any emotive experience and our 3D model will help you convey that.”

We are not just selling a piece of technology. Our aim is to empower brands through our endeavors and set pace for what fashion in the year 2020 will look like

It's easy to see why Browzwear was the solution of choice for a major sportswear company. The client was struggling with unwanted samples and a long development time. Browzwear identified workflow issues that were causing this problem and strategized a 3D solution. The client's supply chain base which is largely vendor-based and present overseas is now able to create digital samples before cutting a single piece of fabric. Given their unparallel solutions, today two of the world's largest sporting goods companies, based out of America and Europe partner with Browzwear. With a global base across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, Browzwear is well-positioned to cater to clients across continents.

What makes Browzwear a notch apart is their expert team of professionals that run the show. While Lena has over two decades of experience in business management, Sharon Lim, CEO, is an industry veteran who has held leadership roles with industry giants such as Tommy Hilfiger. One big area for the company is education, where they collaborate with several acclaimed colleges and learning institutions. For example, with PVH Europe (the Tommy Hilfiger team), students from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute are encouraged to use Browzwear tools for two days, creating a collection in that time.

In the coming days, the company will be focusing on platform extensions especially in line with emerging e-commerce needs. But through it all, it’s Browzwear’s unique value proposition that makes them stand out. In conclusion, Lena says, “We are not just selling a piece of technology. Our aim is to empower brands through our endeavors and set pace for what fashion in the year 2020 will look like.”